Safeguarding VR: Case Study
  • 31st March 2020

Safeguarding VR: Case Study

Case Study Safeguarding VR: Piloting safeguarding training for the aid sector with Virtual Reality & AI. 1. Background Conversations with survivors of exploitation and abuse can be challenging, and while traditional…

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Creating Safer Organisations
  • 1st March 2019

Creating safer organisations

The Humanitarian Leadership Academy has convened a large group of leading humanitarian and development organisations to co-create a “Safeguarding Essentials” e-learning programme, which will launch later in 2019. The concept…

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Making Our Network Truly Local
  • 7th November 2018

Making our network truly local

As part of our vision for the Academy, we are pleased to announce that we are accelerating our ambition to have truly localised learning. Our centres will be transitioning to…

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What Is Local Knowledge?
  • 2nd February 2018

What is local knowledge?

When someone mentions the topic of ‘knowledge’, what comes to mind? Is it highly specialised information? Does it conjure thoughts of research produced by professors in far off lands? Is…

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