We are exploring how artificial intelligence can help to provide personalised content relevant to individual learners in their particular contexts – ideally before a disaster even happens.

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Our chatbot uses a button-based interface for users to navigate through flows of information. It can be accessed through our Facebook page, and provides users with information on the Kaya courses, as well as interactive course teasers to help users understand a course’s content.

Wellness and Resilience for Humanitarians

Our chatbot explains the dangers of Boredom and Burning out, and helps you understand the importance of personal wellness and resilience.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Let our chatbot take you through a small scenario which will hopefully tell you more about Coaching and Mentoring in a humanitarian context.

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Volunteers Essentials

Our chatbot invites you to play a game and shows you a small teaser of our course Volunteer Essentials from our e-learning platform Kaya!

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Innovation Essentials

Our chatbot gives you a short introduction to the Innovation Essentials course and provides you with the first steps on how to innovate within your own organisation.

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Our Chatbot Building Toolkit

What is a chatbot? Why use chatbots? How can I create conversation flows?

Our Chatbot Building Toolkit gives you all the answers!