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Supporting Effective Humanitarian Partnerships

The Supporting Effective Humanitarian Partnerships (SEHP) programme was designed with localisation at its core to co-create a model for organisational learning that responds to demand, and which is accessible, scalable and sustainable in even the most challenging local contexts.

Person at a desk, typing on a laptop.


local and national organisations took part in the programme


of participants reported applying the learning in their workplace


of participants were from or based in a disaster-affected country

The programme

The content and delivery methodology were designed with and for participating organisations, using a range of approaches and delivery modalities so that learning and project outcomes could meet this level of ambition. The programme set out to determine if strengthening local and national organisations’ organisational capabilities would lead to a positive progression towards localisation.

The participating local and national organisations reported becoming more efficient and effective in delivering humanitarian assistance to their communities and targeted affected populations, adhering to the Core Humanitarian Standard and Sphere Principles.

The positive progression towards localisation was due to the SEHP programme’s focus on strengthening organisations’ organisational learning capabilities by a focus on organisational learning culture, learning policies, procedures and systems, alongside providing an individual online learning pathway that develops individuals’ competencies.

Supporting Effective Humanitarian Partnerships – Yemen

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