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Learner spotlight – Meet Inoussa

Please share a little about yourself and your work

I’m Inoussa and I’m from Dosso, Niger.

I have been employed since 2016 as a migrant transit centre manager with the International Organization for Migration (IOM, UN Migration). I manage one of the big migrant transit centres located in Arlit, the North of the country Niger.

What does your role involve?

As a transit centre manager for migrants, my role is to manage and lead staff, develop and implement programs to meet the needs of migrants, manage the budget and resources, coordinate with government officials and partners, and establish feedback mechanisms and monitoring systems.

My goal is to run the centre efficiently and effectively, and to provide essential support and resources to help stranded migrants return to their home country safely and with dignity.

How did you first hear about our digital learning platform Kaya and how long have you been using it?

A friend of mine knowing that I am looking for good training shared your website with me.

I started my learning journey with Kaya in 2020, so I’ve been using it for almost three years. In that time, I have taken more than 50 courses. And I still need to take some more! I enjoy learning on your platform and continue to do so when I have spare time.

Which is your favourite course on Kaya and why?

My favourite course on Kaya is the FIELD Programme. This course compiles all the tools a good field coordinator should have to manage well.

Has learning on Kaya changed your outlook or approach to humanitarian work?

Of course, learning with Kaya is an amazing experience for me! I learn more about my job and about the people with whom I work.

I know more about how to assist vulnerable people, and how to manage humanitarian workers in a respectful work environment.

You were among our HPass Gold Level Learners of the Year 2022 – congratulations! Which badge are you most proud of?

Yes, I have earned more than 50 badges on HPass. I am proud of all the badges I earned but the ones I am so proud of are those from the FIELD Programme.

The advice I offer to my fellow humanitarian learners is to apply what you learn: one of the best ways to solidify your learning is to apply what you’ve learned in real-world situations. Look for opportunities to put your new skills and knowledge into practice.


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