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The Norwegian Refugee Council using Kaya to improve organisational learning

In 2016, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy embarked on a strategic partnership to help provide staff with access to high quality humanitarian learning opportunities. Through this partnership, the NRC adopted the Kaya online learning platform and made it available to their global network of 6,000 staff.

The Academy created an NRC branded Kaya ’portal’ and training was provided for the NRC to manage and curate learning opportunities themselves, giving them full control over the learning journeys of their staff.

Over the next 12 months, the NRC developed 3 online learning programmes which they hosted, (alongside the existing catalogue of over 300 courses) on their portal, including an Induction package.

The NRC’s Jordan Country Office was the first to begin utilising Kaya to support their localised learning needs through a leadership development programme, designed (in conjunction with Jordan Country Office) and delivered by the Operations Partnership, over a 10-13 weeks period per cohort.   The programme uses a blended approach that combines face-to-face workshops with distant learning, line management support and engagement and peer-to-peer support. The programme covered topics including leadership skills, communication and having courageous conversations with staff. Kaya was used for the distant learning elements of the programme. Here is what we learned.

The learner’s perspective

Kaya was seen as a positive platform to use particularly because it was giving learners access to other courses and allowed for discussions and interaction between learners.

“The distance learning was different: on Kaya there was availability of materials to read and videos to watch, which I preferred.”

“[The message board] was one of the best things. …We are all from the same context, dealing with the same people, so it is good to hear other people’s experiences and learn from them. Usually we don’t do that.”

“Kaya’s advantage over other platforms is that as you get used to the Kaya platform, there are other trainings [available], with rich content. It has multiple trainings on the same platform, so you don’t need to sign up to other platforms.”

A facilitator’s perspective

Facilitators were very positive about Kaya’s use for the administrative parts of the programme, such as posting and editing timetables, tracking participants’ progress, and sending reminders. These features reduced the administrative burden of the course, and increased the ability to engage with the participants.

“It was easy to administer the course, such as the online timetable. Also, I liked how the facilitator can see who has completed their assignments… Kaya helped with the general administration of the course.”

NRC’s perspective

The key advantage gained by NRC by using Kaya for the Leadership programme was the ability to deliver training to large numbers of staff at the same time, whist reducing the impact of this training on operations. Kaya’s global library of e-learning courses was another advantage for learners, being able to access them without leaving their internal system.

“Kaya provided a democratic approach to learning… Kaya is open to all in NRC and everyone can access the global information.”

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