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Learner spotlight: Meet Morris

Tell us about yourself

I’m Morris Wenareeba, a certified humanitarian professional from Uganda.

Having previously worked with World Vision International on the Uganda Refugee Response for three years, I’m currently working with Fields of Life as a Country Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager.

My roles, among others include leading the MEL Portfolio in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan, ensuring programme performance as per the Country Strategic Plan (CSP) and the realisation of KPIs of the organisational balanced score card (BSC).

How did you first get involved in humanitarian work?

My career path took a new direction when I joined World Vision International as part of the Uganda Refugee Response team. We were tasked with providing humanitarian assistance to the influx of refugees from South Sudan and other neighboring countries into the West Nile region of Uganda.

I witnessed firsthand how World Vision and its partners delivered life-saving support to over 1.2 million refugees who were hosted in various settlements across the region. This experience was transformative for me!

How did you first hear about Kaya and HPass and what made you start your learning journey with us?

One of the most important factors for achieving success in any career, and in life in general, is having good mentors who can guide and support you along the way.

I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who introduced me to the Kaya platform, a free online learning platform that offers courses on various humanitarian topics. I was amazed by the quality of the education and the user-friendly interface of the platform.

I also learned about HPass, a system that awards digital badges for completing courses and recognises your skills and knowledge. These badges boosted my confidence and reputation among my colleagues, who started to see me as an ‘expert’ on ‘everything’ humanitarian.

What are your top three courses on Kaya?

My top courses are MEAL DPro, the FIELD Programme, and Change Management.

You were awarded your HPass Learner of the Year badge – congrats! What inspired or motivated you with your learning?

As a professional who values education and learning, I was driven by my ambition to achieve career success and excellence to acquire new knowledge over the year.

It was not easy to find time to complete the courses at Kaya, but I enjoyed the chance to discover new things and expand my horizons. The outcome always made it worth the effort.

Has your learning changed your outlook, perspective or approach to your humanitarian work?

I can confidently say that my learning has transformed my outlook, perspective and approach to my work. I have gained new insights and skills that have enabled me to better understand the needs and challenges of the people I serve, as well as the opportunities and solutions that exist.

For example, I have learned how to conduct participatory assessments and evaluations, how to design and implement effective interventions based on evidence and best practices, and how to communicate and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

Do you have any tips or advice for fellow humanitarian learners?

As a humanitarian learner, you may face many challenges and opportunities in your work. Here are some tips and advice that may help you along the way:

Network and collaborate with other humanitarian professionals

You can learn from their experiences, share your insights, and find new opportunities for partnership and innovation.

Be flexible and adaptable

You may encounter different contexts, cultures, and situations that require you to adjust your approach and expectations.

Take care of yourself and others

Humanitarian work can be rewarding but also stressful and demanding. You need to balance your personal and professional needs and support your colleagues and beneficiaries.

Keep learning and updating your skills. The humanitarian sector is constantly evolving, and you need to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices. Learning on Kaya has helped me to improve the quality and impact of my work, as well as to foster a culture of learning and innovation within my organisation.
Morris Wenareeba


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