On August 30, the Philippines Centre gathered the advisory group and partners to report back on the Centre’s achievements thus far.

Academy Centre Director Joyce Pilapil shared Programs, Partnerships, Products and People updates. The event affirmed the collaboration with partners and the shared contribution towards disaster risk reduction and resilience in the Philippines.

“The Centre prioritised work with DRRM learning providers to develop relevant learning programs. Even if quality learning programs exist, if these are not accessible, then it is futile. We aim to make these learning programs accessible to humanitarian responders and DRRM practitioners,”Pilapil said. “This will equip the humanitarian and development sector with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to effectively respond to disasters.”

The intermediate results would not have been possible without the collaboration of partners from different humanitarian sectors. For the past 22 months, the Philippines Centre has seen the growth of the number of partners and the strengthening of collaboration guided by the principles of mutual benefit; equity and empowerment; accountability and transparency. Relationships were established with local government units, civil society organisations, cooperatives, micro, small and medium enterprises, learning providers, schools and volunteers.

These partnerships resulted to projects that are products of shared knowledge, expertise and resources involving a wide range of groups, agencies and network. The Centre provides content by aggregating existing learning materials, adapting them to the local contexts and investing in new content where gaps have been identified. It also finds effective ways of encouraging learning through both online and offline platforms, tools and learning resources.

We are looking at all these initiatives as our humble contribution to our collective aspiration to make the delivery of disaster risk reduction, preparedness, response and recovery interventions faster, more effective, of high quality and locally-led,” Pilapil said.

The Philippines Centre team with the members of the Advisory Group. Top row (from left): Mark Cervantes, Louie John Aguila, Prudence Sanoy, Jessan CAtre, Dong Waña, Joyce Pilapil,  Melissa Domingo, Divine Tanaleon, Regie Florendo, Maeanne Llanza(Centre staff); Philip Usi and Cenon Mallari (IIRR)  Bottom from left: Josh Mendoza (Center Coordinator), Jerome Montemayor (IIRR), Ed Sunico and Lavin Gonzaga (Unilever), Aurma Manlangit (ASOG), Femia Baldeo (LWR), Rhiza Nery (PDRF), Alan Diaz (UP ISSI)

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