Collaboration is the cornerstone of the Academy. We work with a wide range of partners across the humanitarian sector and beyond; from technology companies to universities; local communities to multinational corporations and from local authorities to national governments, drawing on the knowledge, expertise and resources of a range of organisations to ensure the best solutions are found for those most in need.

Are you an individual or a local responder ?

Kaya, our online learning platform, can help you further your skills or get recognised for the ones you already have. Choose from hundreds of packages and courses from leading humanitarian organisations.

Our partnerships are based on the following principles:

Mutual Benefit

We always start with a clear and agreed common vision for the partnership, which is mutually beneficial for both parties and contributes to a positive impact.

Equity and Empowerment

We ensure that our values are aligned and that our partnership is built around an understanding and respect for differences in opinion and culture.

Accountability and Transparency

We believe that open communication along with clear and rational decision making is the key to a successful partnership.


“The work the Humanitarian Leadership Academy is doing is paramount to the humanitarian sector. In leveraging technology platforms, the Academy will be able to reach mass audiences with preparedness and resilience training content. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities to educate the most vulnerable effectively at scale.”

Hector Mujica, Regional Manager,

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“The sector will benefit from our shared commitment to making global standards, certifications, and content accessible and relevant in a local context. Humentum sees the Academy as a key partner in our goal to build strong local capacity building markets.”

Chris Proulx, Global Director, Learning & Product Development, Humentum

Who we work with

Humanitarian organisations

Learning providers

Technology partners

Academic institutions

Some of the organisations we are already working with

Why collaborate with us

“The Humanitarian Leadership Academy is helping to reduce the demands on the global humanitarian system by enabling local communities through our retailer network. This will help reduce the social and economic impact of disasters.”

Rebecca Marmot, Global Vice President Advocacy & Partnerships, Unilever

See Unilever’s impact story

Real Impact

There are so many ways to collaborate with us, here are just a few examples of how we are working with different organisations and businesses.

HPass Support Services: Q&A With Dr Kennedy Waningu, International College Of Peace Studies

HPass Support Services: Q&A with Dr Kennedy Waningu, International College of Peace Studies

The International College of Peace Studies (ICPS) was set up in 2019 to provide training programs in Disaster Management, Humanitarian Diplomacy, Peace building and Conflict Resolution. The ICPS is registered in the Republic of Kenya, as an independent education institution that provides practical professional training, by the State Department of Education.
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Learning With Kaya: Meet Josué

Learning with Kaya: Meet Josué

Josué is from Togo and works as a Healthcare Provider on a Covid-19 response project for vulnerable populations and street dwellers.
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Learning At The International Rescue Committee

Learning at the International Rescue Committee

Rescue Academy on Kaya was created so we could provide our staff eLearning materials specific to the IRC. Since its launch, over 11,000 staff have joined the platform, and at the end of 2020 we had 9,100 active users based in 60+ countries.
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