Samuel works as a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Intern at USAID, as someone still in the early stages of his career, a course on Kaya gave him greater knowledge in M&E. He chose to work in the humanitarian sector as he wants to make a difference in the quality of life for his fellow Ugandans.

Hello Samuel! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I work as Monitoring and Evaluation Intern at USAID Uganda Learning Activity being implemented by The QED group, LLC. I didn’t have prior experience in this sector, but I had previously worked as a teacher for a year and did a three month internship in the banking sector after my bachelor’s degree. I chose this sector because I want to make a difference in the quality of life of Ugandans.

How did you hear about the e-learning platform Kaya, and which course did you take?

Ssomeone shared an advert with me. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics, I am passionate about mathematics and numbers and that’s why I chose the Monitoring and Evaluation course. I really enjoyed the course, it was very interactive.

Did the course have an impact on your daily job/career?

As someone still in the early stages of my career, I gained more knowledge in M&E which I didn’t know yet I needed.

Everyone has a different understanding of the word “humanitarian”. What does being a humanitarian mean to you?

To me, it means caring about how other people live other than yourself alone. Making sure that all people have equal rights and have access to their needs.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the way you work and/or learn?

The current situation has forced me to work from home in correspondence to the set guidelines by the organisation and the country. Thank you so much Kaya, I very much appreciate the work you are doing for the humanitarian sector.

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